Copenhagen - May 2019
Camera: Sony A7III

I knew Ronja because she was a dancer. A ballroom dancer I might add. I had watched her dance at the yearly Copenhagen Open international dance competition for several years before I approached her to do a photoshoot. When I watch and photograph dancers on the floor, I am always drawn to the ones that express themselves in a natural way. Nothing faked, but from the heart. And Ronja certainly caught my eye on the floor on multiple occasions because of that.

So one day at the end of 2018, I sent her a Facebook message to ask if she would be interested in doing a photoshoot. Could be a fashion shoot, but also a boudoir shoot. She responded in a kind and upbeat way and we discussed my ideas and her wishes and boundaries for a while. We agreed to do a combined fashion/boudoir photoshoot the day after the dance competition, when we would both have a little time to spare before heading home again.

The hotel that Ronja and her partner Sverre were staying at was actually a very nice design hotel, but the room they were staying in was unfortunately nothing special. We went outside to do some fashion shots in the nearby park first and I have to thank Sverre for holding the flash whenever I asked him to. :)

After thing got a bit too cold outside, we went back to the hotel to shoot some boudoir inside. Ronja had outlined her wishes and boundaries very well and we had a blast trying to make something out of nothing in the very small and simple hotel room. I must say I am very happy with the results!